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Who are We

Global Beauty Care (GBC) is a fast-growing skincare company that has experienced exponential success in the past number of years. The New York City based company specializes in creating impactful, award-winning, high-quality products, in elegant yet eye-catching packaging. Using advanced technology and quality ingredients, GBC has created a full line of innovative skin care products to help repair, replenish and refortify your most visible organ- your skin! Their extensive product line appeals to customers of all age groups.


GBC focuses on all types of Face/Lip/Eye Masks (Black Peel-off, Metallic, Glitter, Hydrogel, Sheet, Wash-off, Mud), Facial Wipes / Creams / Power Brushes, Nose Strips and more. GBC has also partnered with major retailers to produce private label products of all the above-mentioned items, leading GBC’s products to be sold in over 60,000 stores globally.

With the explosion of social media platforms, skin care has gone “viral”. Customers enjoy sharing their skin care secrets, documenting before & after progress, and photographing their development. GBC gets tagged in millions of masking photos every year! This trend is even growing among men, as the percentage of men who care about their skin and are in touch with their skincare needs, is steadily rising.

The GBC winning combination: quality products that work, in great packaging that attracts consumers, at an incredible price.

Discover Global Beauty Care, the best kept secret of the skin care industry.


Global Beauty Care is centered around family. From humble beginnings in mom's basement, to a multi-floor office complex, over 150K square feet of warehousing space and a Manhattan showroom, the company is still managed by three brothers and their father. The core management of the company has over 20 years of experience in the skincare space. GBC has become a subtle but solid, key player in the industry. From a modest basement operation, GBC has grown into a company with recognized brands sold across the country and internationally. GBC uses its strength and structure as a family, to help guide corporate culture and business operational decisions.

Potent Practical Ingredients
GBC is consistently seeking to incorporate the very best ingredients in their products, and allow the ingredient itself to sell the product. It is not necessary to “convince” someone of the healing effect coconut oil has, or the cooling effect cucumber has. GBC frames each product and enables the key ingredient to tell the story.



GBC goes beyond average companies to create a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility. All of GBC’s products are Paraben and SLS Free and are not tested on animals.

Enjoying What You Do
“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”   -Mark Twain

Everyone walking the corridors at GBC, either in the corporate offices, expanding warehouse, or glitzy NYC showroom, thoroughly enjoys what they do. This positive work environment stems from management, who truly enhance the lives of the staff. Employees are always encouraged to enjoy their work. A great stress is placed on efficiency. If a certain task can be done more efficiently or more automated, even if this is a task of a lower end employee, management will invest time and resources, and make that employee more efficient. In turn, employees are satisfied and happy with their work, resulting in better work results.


GBC is best kept secret in professional workplaces. Real caring. Real thoughtfulness. A management style that is fully aware that solid and happy employees are the key to making the business successful.


Charitable Contributions

Helping the community at large and giving back to the surrounding neighborhood is part of GBC’s mission. With a corporate office centered in Brooklyn, all management live within a mile of the office. They are therefore directly vested in helping the surrounding community. GBC is uniquely positioned to bring financial support to local businesses. GBC purchases office supplies, equipment, and more from local vendors, giving small mom and pop shops as much business as possible.

GBC also donates proceeds directly to poor individuals and to institutions that help support these less fortunate families. Nothing is more gratifying than the ability to help others.

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