What do all those benefits listed on Beauty Products mean?
  • Brightening

    Illuminate your skin with our brightening products that aim to enliven your complexion by using a multi-faceted approach to attack uneven, dark blotchy problem spots. These products work by reducing melanin, a pigment that is responsible for your skin tone and color. This reduction significantly cultivates a more uniform skin tone, leaving you bright and beautiful. Our brightening products also naturally exfoliate your skin, stimulating collagen synthesis and activating skin cell regeneration. Collagen gives your skin the supple sexy bounce you deserve. Brighten today, and transform a dull lifeless complexion into a youthful radiant one.

  • Pore Refining

    Are your pores too noticeable? Everyone's pores are unique. But just because pore size is genetically determined, that does not mean that we can’t help you. Pores are small openings in your skin, where your skin excretes an oily substance to protect itself-- which would be fine, if you stayed in a clean, controlled environment. But if you happen to walk around the world, which we all do, toxins, dirt and grime get caught in your pores. This muck leaves you with blackheads, the gateway to a “pimply” future. Use our Pore Refining products to clean out clogged pores, and by doing so, minimize their appearance. Refine wrinkles and fine lines for a smooth, muck-free and refreshed canvass of skin.

  • Hydrating

    Your skin’s moisture consists of two sources: the natural oil your body produces and the basic water level present in your skin. Your skin’s natural moisture takes a serious beating during the long, arduous day. Did you know that even if you have enough oil in your skin, if your skin lacks water, your body will produce more oil to compensate? More oil means more trapped gunk in your pores and an oily sheen to your complexion. Hydration products, like face masks, are a great way to hydrate your face effectively and quickly. They rejuvenate dehydrated skin by locking in moisture and enabling the skin to replenish its the water content. The results: a plump and supple appearance, with smooth, softened and hydrated skin. Share a drink with your skin. It’s about time.

  • Moisturizing

    Don’t confuse Moisturizing with Hydrating. Our Moisturizing products reduce your skin’s water loss by forming a barrier over its surface. This barrier works hard to retain and preserve what moisture is already present in the skin at the time you use it. Our Hydrating products, in contrast, are geared to increase the water level that is present in the skin at the time you apply it. Clear? Good! By forming a protective seal on your skin’s surface, our moisturizing products reduce evaporation of your skin’s moisture throughout the day. Through those brutally cold winter winds, or dry heat of the summer sun, the lipid-based barrier will hold and prevent the loss of vital moisture and nutrients from your skin. Moisturize your skin and rescue it.

  • Anti-Aging

    We have the fountain of youth! We wish… We all know that we cannot reverse aging and roll the odometer of life backwards, shedding the years away and emerging as our youthful selves. But we can come awfully close. Our Anti-Aging products help suspend the aging process. As an infant, child and young adult, your body’s cells are strong and resilient and can manufacture new cells. As the years advance, your body’s ability to generate new cells diminishes and the aging process ensues. Our anti-aging products help dissolve the intracellular "glue" that holds dead cells together on the skin, which lends aging skin its lackluster appearance. Furthermore, the products expose newer skin cells thereby improving your appearance. Not only will you revive your skin’s elasticity and minimize the appearance of fine lines, you will create a lifted and toned effect. Fade away aging spots and increase your skin’s luminosity for a renewed complexion. Welcome back to youth.

  • Firming

    When your skin becomes less firm and elastic, it means that your fibroblasts are no longer functioning correctly. These cells are responsible for producing collagen and elastin, the connective tissues that keep the skin firm and supple. When they are no longer produced adequately, your skin loses elasticity, hollows, and eventually wrinkles appear. In addition, “cellulite” or fat deposits collect under the surface of the skin, creating a "cottage cheese" or dimpling appearance. Also known as “anti-sagging” ( 😉 ), our Firming products visibly reduce imperfections in your skin and aid in elasticity, while intensely hydrating thirsty gaps. Tighten loose and sagging skin, restore firmness, softness, and a more youthful look to your face, neck, and most importantly, your derrière.

  • Purifying

    pu·ri·fy – verb; remove contaminants from.
    The world is a greasy, grungy, and grimy place. Your skin does not stand a chance in such an environment. But now you can purify your skin with a variety of topical treatments from our Purifying line. Clear your skin of the toxins and bacteria that build up throughout the day. Add a purifying treatment to your normal cleansing routine, that reaches deep within your pores to dissolve and dislodge the build-up of impurities. Detox your skin and reveal a greater level of clarity to your beautiful complexion. We strongly recommend our purifying masks as a facial treatment designed to clean pores, reduce acne and oiliness, and improve the look and texture of your skin.

  • Nourishing

    “Nourish” is one of those words that sounds like what it does. It feels good to say it. Nourish.. Who does not want to be nourished? Who doesn’t want to nourish their skin? See what we mean? In our fast-paced society, it is difficult to find the time to invest in a perfectly balanced diet and effective vitamin intake. It is tough to absorb skin nourishment from the healing powers of the sun, when you work an office desk job; indeed, most of us are stuck indoors for most hours of the day. Your skin is starving for nourishment. Our Nourishing products will shock your skin with healthy nutrients, found in nature, like algae, tea tree and seaweed. Known to be rich in nutrients, these ingredients deeply nourish your skin, while moisturizing and protecting it from dryness. Nourish.

  • Revitalizing

    Everyone knows that having healthy-looking skin is a confidence-booster. And yet, we are all guilty of not paying enough attention to our skin and its needs. The result is a not-so-glamorous complexion, one that does not exude light and confidence. But no worries, you can always revitalize your skin and bring it back from the brink. Yes, it is not too late. Imbue your skin with new life and vitality, by adding our Revitalizing products into your daily routine. Revitalize your skin with intense hydration and bring new life to your complexion. Smooth and soften your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and imperfections. You’re back, baby.

  • Smoothing

    If you could zoom in on your face, you will see craters and ravines, the magnified overexaggerated view of uneven skin. If you lightly brush your finger across your face, you can almost certainly feel them, those slight imperfections, slight bumps and gaps. You know they’re there. Many of our products have the benefit of Smoothing your skin. Our silky-smooth creams, serums and gels penetrate your pores to smooth dry lines and preserve skin elasticity. They restore the natural moisture balance of your skin and help boost cell renewal, improving overall skin texture for a smoother appearance. We use bump-smoothing acids and caffeine to hydrate and plump fine lines. Now run your hand through your skin and feel the difference.

  • Anti-Inflammatory/Soothing

    The elegance and sophistication of the rose. A subtle yet powerful icon of love, intricate and beautiful in its multitude of forms. It is almost poetic that the oils extracted from this marvelous creation help to calm and soothe your skin. Rose oil is a key ingredient that helps reduce redness and blotchiness. Similarly, cucumbers have the same targeted effect. Familiar with the iconic spa picture with sliced cucumber covering up the model’s eyes, as she restfully enjoys the wholesome soothing cucumbers provide? Well, its “iconic” for a reason. Cucumbers are an excellent source for reducing inflammation and regenerating new skin tissue. These key ingredients in our products soothe and moisturize your skin while providing a cooling effect. They restore skin suppleness by replenishing essential nutrients for a luminous complexion.

  • Calming

    The simplest of substances can aggravate your delicate skin and cause an eruption of acne or other skin conditions. Your skin is delicate, like you. Your body is home to millions of chemical reactions that are constantly exploding right beneath the surface of your skin. What is a person to do with all this pandemonium? Dip your head into a bowl of milk because you heard it was good for calming inflammation? Call 911 because you scrubbed your skin a little too hard or exfoliated with a little too much passion? No! Our Calming products soothe irritation with baking soda and other ingredients that have antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic properties, which naturally help calm your skin from the mayhem of the outside world and the havoc brewing under the surface. They’ll calm your skin down so you can calm down, too.

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