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The Four Seasons: How your skin alters from month to month…

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Every skin type is definitely unique. However, did you know that the skin’s moisture balance, oiliness, and blotchiness as well as a prevalence for acne or blackheads is also dependent on the weather? So many companies are touting the “perfect” hydrator according to “skin type”, AKA “combination”, “oily” or “dry” skin. These companies try to simplify the process for consumers. However, consumers will take note that “the product doesn’t seem to be working so well anymore” has more to do with exterior changes than with the efficacy of the product itself. For example, let’s say you’ve been using a super-hydrating moisturizer in the winter months. It works pretty well; you’re a happy camper. But then, a few months later and this same moisturizer seems to “make your skin oily.” Well, is it really the product, or is there some change in the integrity of your skin? The answer is probably the latter. That’s right. Weather and moisture levels outdoors impacts the way your body responds to its own homeostasis. There are other factors as well, but the main point is weather is a significant factor consumers needs to pay attention to when incorporating all sorts of products into their beauty routine.

How does heat and humidity impact your skin?

High heat can absolutely affect your skin. If the UV rays penetrate your skin, and your skin is not properly protected, the sun can dry up your skin and damage its appearance—also known as wrinkles. Heat can also cause your body to release sweat, which pushes out oils onto the surface of your skin. If skin is not properly cleansed after profuse sweating, breakout can occur and blackheads surface. As a result, you can have dry and oily skin in the summer if you’re not protecting yourself properly with the correct products.

What about the winter?

Turns out the winter winds can wreak havoc on your skin’s moisture level too. The dryness will wipe away any moisture on the epidermis, and your skin will start to either burn or peel. Flakiness is not uncommon. Some people start to over-produce sebum (oil) as a consequence of that, and they can even break out in the winter. Extra hydrating creams during the winter help combat these pesky issues.

What about humidity? Is humidity good for skin?

It all depends on the amounts: if it’s too high or too low, either extreme will negatively affect the skin’s moisture balance. However, if skin is dry and it is paired with high humidity, this combination can actually be a lifesaver. So, as you can start to notice, your skin’s needs are actually going to shift from season to season and even from day to day.

As such, your arsenal of hydrating products should ideally cover the gamut of your skin’s needs.

Lightweight or gel moisturizers are great for summer—they attract water to the skin and they are water-based. That is a great thing: it can help with the sun’s tendency to burn off moisture, and it can help the skin stay soft and hydrated when in a humid environment too. Water-based skin care, in general, is pretty good for oily skin and for summer bummer days. Oil-free products are good for any skin type and is actually recommended for use during the summer months. It’s also pretty effective for the oily type. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, oily skin is your skin’s way of crying for hydration. Gel moisturizers are a great option for dry skin types and even rosacea prone.

Hyaluronic-acid is naturally produced by the body. It is involved in hydration as well as protection from free radicals, as well as other important functions. The best part of this molecule is that it has a strong affinity for water. What this means is simple: it attracts and holds onto moisture in the skin very efficiently. This means hyaluronic-acid products are both beneficial in the dry weather seasons and also during the warmer ones.

Global Beauty Care products vary to such a degree that you can definitely find exactly what your skin needs every day of the year.

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