Our Micellar Cleansing Water nourishes skin while removing face & eye makeup, even waterproof mascara. This formula helps to condition and soothe skin- it leaves no greasy residue. Use morning and night for more fresh clear skin. Micellar Water is made up of “micelles” (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in water. Like a magnet, micelles dissolve, capture and gently lift away skin impurities, oil and makeup from your face without harsh rubbing. Results are beautiful skin that is perfectly cleansed, moisturized and refreshed!

Spascriptions Micellar Water (16.9 Oz)

    • Brightening - Gentle Multi-Action Cleanser with Vitamin C & Witch Hazel Vitamin C promotes brighter more radiant skin Witch Hazel is an astringent that helps to purify skin & unclog pores
    • Soothing - Gentle Multi-Action Cleanser with Rose & Peptides Rose has moisturizing, firming and soothing properties, and is ideal for dry to mature skin types Peptides signal the body to produce collagen and elastin, which aids in anti-aging
    • Purifying -Gentle Multi-Action Cleanser with Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Tea Tree helps to control oil & acne prone skin Aloe has anti-aging properties that help maintain & stimulate collagen formation to restore skin suppleness
    • Gentle Multi-Action Cleanser Removes dirt, oil & makeup including most waterproof mascara’s Cleanses & Refreshes skin No harsh rubbing, no rinse afterwards Up to 250 Uses
    • pH Balanced
    • Paraben Free
    • No SLS/SLES
    • Non-Comedogenic
    • For all skin types
    • Not tested on Animals

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